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Sydney Ross

a stranger sat beside me

this morning as the sun rose

over the damp parking lot...

Heidi Shepherd

Where have all the romantics gone?

Is there a place for us,

A place where our faltering words...

Luka Russo

My heart has this hot habit, of glaring at me

from across the room, pouding on stucco walls

It throws drummer boy tantrum fits...

Sarah Guizzoti

The air chilled my face

as I stood staring unblinkingly.

The ocean mist blends with my tears...

Taylor Woodworth

Shortly after the geese fly south

and the Jack O'Lantern smile

melts into a grimace...

Ezra Maloney-Dunn

When I was little my grandfather had

a collection of sand dollars.

I would peer above...

David Hurley

Oh sandwich,

how lovely

you can be...

Heidi Shepherd

I yearn...

My body yearns

For the first really warm day of spring...

Sydney Ross

2,000 miles from home,

thick fog covers the dense

evergreen tree line. a mix...

Taylor Woodworth

When they took my wisdom teeth,

they extracted miles of fleshy,

dirt-covered roots...

Stephanie Thomsom

I wonder if I'll ever be more than a

taxidermied skull of an Irish elk.

Hanging from a ceiling with fractured...

Sydney Ross

you are a butterfly

and I am a caterpillar

awaiting my new life...

Sydney Ross


tuesday mornings

come and go...

Luka Russo

That decrepit ashtray is a gatekeeper,


and knowing watchdog...

Luka Russo

I see you.

Dramatic cadaver queen,

no strut, prominent and street-wise...

Angel Lopez

She holds me tight

at night

wrapped around her...

Casey Elder

in the backyard

the stone pig

plays sentry...

Taylor Woodworth

A woman lives to serve a man with grace.

She soaks her hair in rain to keep him dry.

Her legs a satin mask in hidebound...

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