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About our Authors

Some of our Authors have written a small paragraph about themselves so all our readers can learn a bit about them.

Ana Ochoa

"Ana is currently a student of Spanish and linguistics. They are transferring to Portland State University this year and they hope to complete their education studying abroad in Mexico. Following their education, they would like to use language and writing to create more understanding and empathy between people of different backgrounds and cultures."

Angelina Dewar

Angelina Dewar is a student at PCC. She is interested in history, mathematics, and the natural sciences.

Belen Johnson

"Hi, I’m Belen Johnson and I want to be a doctor. I have always enjoyed writing and I love taking inspiration from everything around me. Poetry has always been something that I loved reading and writing. My favorite poets are Maia Mayor, Blythe Baird, and Robert Frost."

Danielle Witt 

Danielle Witt grew up in the Portland Metro area. "Evenings Were my Father's" is a literary narrative essay she completed for her Writing class last term. She is attending PCC to start her journey towards her Master's degree in Gender and Sexuality Counseling. She hopes to open her own practice where she will support LGBTQ+ teens and young adults.

 Evelyn Isakson

"My name is Evelyn Isakson and I am 26 years old. I enjoy the rhythm of poetry, and I like to express myself through this art form. This piece was inspired by an arduous and quite toxic relationship that I allowed myself to endure last year at this time. Writing this piece gave me the confidence I needed to make it through that rough time in my life, and the ability to relate to others who have similar experiences."

Ines Rossi y Costa

"I came to PCC to complete an Associate's degree, and will transfer to PSU to major in Psychology. I have grown most through grief, and hope to provide people with the tools necessary to go through this challenging journey. Photography and creative writing have helped me tremendously. My poems speak of loss and letting go of fixed outcomes. Creating is giving a voice to what we already know."


Lucky is a queer artist and activist, focusing on creating work that nourishes their community. Themes of their work include the intersection of capitalism, intimacy, and sexuality as it relates to modern relationships and sex work. Through their practice they want to create radically non men spaces for marginalized genders. Their goal is to transcend and transform present realities by rewriting past ones, and writing for future ones.

Monica Krause

Monica Krause is a student at Portland Community College in her late 30s who is pursuing a degree in Writing. Krause made the decision to return to school after choosing to change careers. Writing has always been an emotional outlet, bringing thoughts and feelings to life.

Stella Robertson

Stella Robertson is a part-time student and editor for the PCC literary magazine The Pointed Circle. She also works at the second-hand store Village Merchants in SE Portland. Stella's writing is inspired by poets like Matthew Dickman and Sinéad Morrissey, as well as her family and neighborhood. 

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