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We are excited to introduce the Spring 2021 edition of The Bellwether Review in an online format for the second time ever.


Publishing The Bellwether Review online has given us the opportunity to accept a wider variety of submissions from talented writers and artists outside of Portland Community College. We want our website to provide the opportunity for even more outreach in the coming years as we publish both online and in print. 


Due to the impacts of COVID-19 this year's submissions were lower than expected, but our enthusiastic editorial team has worked to present the best PCC Rock Creek and the surrounding community has to offer.  The editorial team's mission when crafting this year’s Bellwether was to offer readers and present authors a sense of community, solidarity, and encouragement while we are all still working and writing remotely. 


In the presented work we found common tones of light, medium, and dark so this year’s Bellwether is themed “Gradience.” To us, “Gradience” is a continuous spectrum of meanings without boundaries between one category and another. 


The Bellwether staff wants to thank all of the submitters for the passion and emotion encased in their writing and art. Our editors appreciate the time and effort necessary to create such pieces, and we want to reciprocate that care throughout the voting, editing, and publishing processes. We hope we’ve communicated a passion for creativity in our magazine and that we can inspire others to create something meaningful. 

Thank you for taking the time to enjoy this 2021 edition of The Bellwether Review. If you like what you see, consider staying connected with us on Instagram @bellwetherreview. If you’re interested in submitting work for the 2022 edition, the submissions are already open so check out our how to submit page for more information.

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